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 Back Home
 December 28, 2015

  Back home after 21 months on the 1st National Tour of Once.

 Once Tour - Boston Gift
 December 26, 2015

  Boston has something very special - the Intermission Tavern! This bar is right next to all the theatres and is known to get packed with stagehands/casts/locals/show patrons. And a tradition of shows passing through, most will donate a prop from the show to give to the Intermission Tavern. Some of the notable props up there are a rifle from Les Mis, machete from Lion King, lamp from A Christmas Story, leggings from Flashdance, shoe box from Kinky Boots, and an electric guitar from Motown (just to name a few). This past year, the owner Mike Connors past away so I wanted to donate one of our show guitars from Once. We could not get permission to donate a show guitar, so my guitar tech Tim B. went out and picked up one at Guitar Center, and our lovely Props girl Jillian B. went to town on it to prep it. It turned out perfect, and we had everyone sign it! Below is the final product and it being placed at the Intermission Tavern.

The Guitar

Being Placed

Final Destination

 Once Tour - Final City
 December 7, 2015

  The Once 1st National Tour will be coming to an end. Our final city is Boston, and we will be at the Shubert for 3 weeks. It has been a great journey full of very talented, nice, generous, and pleasant people to work with! I will miss this tour for sure!

 Happy New Year!
 January 1, 2015

  Happy New Year from home! We finished up the Once tour in Dallas, TX and now have a week layoff. I get to enjoy New Years at home again not working! Plus I am enjoying the time off while still adjusting the jet lag from Japan.

 Tokyo, Japan
 November 22, 2014

  Off to Tokyo, Japan with the Once Tour. We will be performing the show for 3 weeks, and I am very excited to add another country to my growing list!

 Once Tour - Day 1
 April 7, 2014

  Today starts my training of the Head Audio position with the 1st National Tour of Once the Musical. I will officially take over the show in four weeks, and look forward to a nice long touring project!

 More photos added
 February 11, 2014

  I have finally got around to adding more photos to my photo album. I just added many touring photos, plus some vacations, gatherings, and much more. This puts my total up to 5746 photos.

 Website Updated!
 January 22, 2014

  Again only minor updates, but more improvements while I have the time off. I updated and cleaned up a lot of code and added the "Upcoming Tour Cities" on both the Main Home Page and under the Current Location page. This will help people know what cities I will be in - including the upcoming Once tour dates.

 Happy New Year
 January 1, 2014

  Happy New Year from home! I got to enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE at home. It has been many, many years since I have been home to enjoy all three holidays!

 Back to tour in April
 December 27, 2013

  Just got the official email that I will be taking over as Head Audio on the 1st National Tour of Once The Musical. This was a nice Christmas present for me!

 Website Updated!
 December 6, 2013

  The site hasn't changed much, but I updated font sizes, image sizing, and general cleanliness - along with my general updated information. I am still updating a few more items on the site, and hopefully update all the latest photos as well very soon.

 Back Home
 November 10, 2013

  Well both shows are up and running, and had a few days off in Vegas. Now back home to hopefully enjoy the holidays at home and start working up some leads for work starting up next year.

 West Side Story Tour Open
 November 5, 2013

  Official opening here in Memphis, TN and again another successful opening! West Side Story is and will always be a great story. And to be back in Memphis, TN - the Orpheum is an amazing sounding room! Plus, plenty of good food in this town!
 October 30, 2013

  Just purchased the domain and plan on making a website to find out how many sound engineers have mixed the musical CATS. I want to know how many people have mixed this show, and I believe the number will get very high! This show has been around for MANY years and has had performances all around the world. This musical has played on Broadway, West End, national tours, international tours, regional theatres, colleges, high schools, community theatres, dinner theatres - the list goes on! I will post when the site is up and running.

 We Will Rock You Tour Open
 October 15, 2013

  Official opening here in Baltimore, MD and it was a huge success! The people love the show, along with Queen's people. It was nice to meet Brian May and Roger Taylor - and to hear Bohemian Rhapsody played by Brian May just a few feet away from me was amazing! Now on to open another show, head out tomorrow to finish up the build for the West Side Story Tour currently at Masque Sound.

 Production Sound Work
 September 6, 2013

  I am heading out this weekend to open up 2 new tours - We Will Rock You and West Side Story. I will hold the position as Production Sound for both shows. I will be building the sound package for We Will Rock You Tour at Sound Associates, and West Side Story Tour at Masque Sound. We tech We Will Rock You in Utica, NY and open in Baltimore, MD. For West Side Story we tech in Chattanooga, TN and open in Memphis, TN.

 Back Home!
 June 12, 2013

  Well the FELA! 2.0 tour was cut a little short. We were supposed to take the show overseas to Germany, France, and Russia - but that fell threw and ended it in Oakland, CA. I am perfectly fine with it as I am a bit fried from being on the road for the past 20 months. So hopefully I will get most of this summer off!

 20 Years of Experience!
 March 1, 2013

  Wow, another 5 years has passed and my total of live audio engineering has come to 20... This number amazes me and I hope to keep continuing on with the years in the business!

 FELA! 2.0 Tour Open
 January 29, 2013

  We have now opened FELA! 2.0 Tour here in Washington DC at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. The tour is scheduled through July with stops that include Russia, Germany, and France. More countries are being negotiated.

 Happy New Year
 January 1, 2013

  Happy New Year from Florida this year! I am just finishing up the Sister Act 1st National Tour, and about to head to New York to build the new sound package for the FELA! 2.0 Tour.

 FELA! 2.0 Tour
 November 17, 2012

  I will be heading back to the FELA! Tour in January as Head Audio this year. Only get a few days off, but work is work!

 Sister Act Tour Open
 October 2, 2012

  We open up the 1st National Tour of Sister Act this evening at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

 Next the Sister Act Tour
 August 16, 2012

  Well, only got a week off. Just got offerred the 1st National Tour of Sister Act The Musical as Head Audio. We build the show in Masque Sound from August 20-31. We tech the show in Chattanooga, TN for about 3 weeks and then open the show up in Toronto in October! More info to come...

 FELA! finished!
 August 6, 2012

  We just finsihed loading FELA out of the Hirschfeld. So the 1st National tour is complete, and I am due for some well time off! Who knows what will be next, maybe take it back out in January/February.

 FELA! back to Broadway
 June 17, 2012

  Today concludes the final shows of the FELA! 1st National Tour here in St. Paul, MN. The show just recently got booked for a limited engagement return back to broadway. We will be playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre from July 9th - August 4th. This will be my first show through NYC and a Broadway house. So soon I will be able to say that I have mixed a show on Broadway. It is not the same as saying I did a Broadway show, but close enough!

 Happy New Year
 January 1, 2012

  Happy New Year from LA! I am still out on the FELA! 1st National Tour currently in the enjoyable warm state of California.

 FELA! Tour
 October 20, 2011

  I just got hired to go out on the FELA! 1st National Tour as Audio Assistant. I will be joining the show in New Haven, CT and will be traveling with the show most likely until summer 2012.

 Back to the HAIR Tour
 June 21, 2011

  I am heading out to the HAIR tour as a Vacation cover for the Audio Department. This time I will be joining the show in Orlando, FL for a week at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.

 Vacation Cover
 March 7, 2011

  I am heading out to the HAIR tour as a Vacation cover for the Audio Department. I will be joining the show for about 2 weeks in Chicago, IL at the Oriental Theatre.

 Happy New Year
 January 1, 2011

  2011, and still chillin' at home! This was the first year in a very long time, that I have had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all off! So Happy New Year one and all, and check back for future gigs and updates.

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